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HappyTummyby Mhie is an online business food ordering portal for Italian Pasta Dishes lovers that will make you say “Mangia”. It was officially launched on August 24, 2017. One woman went so far as to turn her hobby into a business. She learned as much about Italian Pasta dishes thru YouTube and developed a simple plan to make it available online. Throwing herself into it and not looking back, she moved on to take the risks and believing that success isn’t achieved in a straight line; it’s never as simple as it seems. There will be twists, turns, ups and downs-prepare yourself for the unexpected by knowing that you’ll need to improvise along way to overcome those hairy obstacles that get in your way: HappyTummybyMhie Team

Getting food from your favorite restaurants during workweek can often become a hassle. This online food ordering and delivery business surely fills the void between busy people and delicious food from nearby restos. This business has managed so far to create a niche from within circle of friends to network of referrals.

“The best acts of customer service are the tiny things that reinforce the customer’s loyalty. They can be done daily, usually without any cost, and can foster customer retention, increase customer satisfaction, and yes, even grow your customer base.”


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